European Group for Lean Construction 2015

With more than 80 participants and 17 speakers, from 8 different countries, the Conference EGLC 2015 was filled with many and good discussions about how we can make the construction industry more productive. The conference was facilitated in the attractive premises at 3F in Copenhagen from March 18 to March 20 2015.

The conference went well and there was broad agreement amongst the participants that the conference was a success and that the presentations gave food for thought for the participants.

Below you can see pictures and brief descriptions of the presentations at the conference. The conference was filmed and works as links to the videos. It is also possible to download the slides from the presentation.

Thursday, March 19:

The theme Thursday was IPD, which stands for Integrated Project Delivery. The method integrates all trades in the construction process and motivates through both contracts and methods of cooperation.

Torben Klitgaard (UK), Director of BIPS, Informatics and processes
In Torbens presentation he told how information systems and good processes not only are equally important to the Construction Industry, but are prerequisites for each other.

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Annett Schöttle (DE), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Perspectives on cooperation
What is the difference between cooperation and collaboration and how does the two perspectives affect the construction industry? In her research, Annett has focused on these questions.

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David Long (USA), Senior Coach at Lean Project Consulting, IPD in the US
Integrated Project Delivery is a way to manage projects that is growing in the US and David talked about how the method was developed and how it is used to create more productive projects.

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Mauri Mäkiaho (FI), Vice project Manager, the Finnish Transport Agency, IPD in Finland
Finland has also begun to use the IPD. Mauri told how thee method has been adopted into the Finnish Transport Agency's projects. 

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Hans Blinkilde (DK) and Janni Tjell (S), NCC, Denmark and Sweden, IPD in NCC.
NCC has for several years used Partnering, which Hans recounted. Subsequently Janni told how NCC in Sweden is starting to develop the concept with a focus on IPD.

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Friday, March 20: 

The theme for Friday was how the Lean Construction can go from managing projects to lead projects. 

Marina Cholakova (BG) and Cecilia Fernandez (E), DTU, Risk Mitigation in a Lean perspective.
It is according to Marina and Cecilia obvious to link Lean Construcion and risk management. A pointe they have illuminated through their master thesis. 

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David Leicht (DE), Cantabria University, The main efficiency killers in a project lifecycle
What is it that kills the productivity in construction? With David's presentation of ideas for his forthcoming Ph.D., he put up this topic for discussion.

Fred de Jonge (NL), BAM Utiliteitsbouw, Leading through Lean Management
BAM has in recent years focused on introducing Lean Construction in their projects. Fred de Jonge told of how the their toolbox is used in a leadership perspective.

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Alan Mossman (UK), Director of The Change Business Ltd., Bringing LC to life - developing leaders.
Lean Coach Alan Mossman told of his new studies, where he focuses on which characteristics and competencies a leader within Lean Construction must possess. 

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Vince Hackett (UK), Nottingham Trent University, Designing Lean Thinking
Following an Australian company's efforts to introduce Lean Construction, Vince has investigated how you can create a Lean environment and which motivation factors that can support the process. 

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Cristina Ayats (E), Efficcax, Creating a collaborative environment
How can we create an environment where all will work and what do we need to focus on to create it? Cristina told of her experiences in amongst others a healthcare project in the US and how they used Lean Construction tools to motivate for collaboration. 

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Sven Bertelsen, Strategic Consulting Aps., Summary of the conference
Lean Construction in Denmark is greatly influenced by Sven Bertelsen's work. With his many years of experience he rounded of the conference with what he saw as the headlines.

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